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  1. Fixed the fault! The "sense coil" had come adrift from the pcb. The cable tie had been cut or snapped. Reattached it with a new cable tie and now the unit is working as it should. I have to add the unit was purchased 2nd hand and had previously been installed to control smaller lamps in an office boardroom! A hint of overkill at work there methinks. Thanks for your prompt response. Jack.
  2. Just checked and the jumper is set to 13A. I'm in the UK so this is set correctly i assume. Afraid my ohms law is a bit rusty but according to the units spec it can run 1.44kW per channel. I am running 2 x 800W lamps and the unit is overloading. The current i'm drawing from the unit should be around 3.3A per lamp, about half of what the unit is capable of delivering per channel. Why would this cause an overload to occur?
  3. I have sucessfully used 3 "redheads" on an alphapack2 but on attaching 2 800W "blondes" i cannot control the lamps brightness. As i dim one lamp the other gets brighter. Is this a faulty pack or am i being an idiot? Any help would be gratefully recieved. Jack.
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