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  1. HobitLight

    Using Phantom ZerOS with WYSIWYG

    I can't get WYSIWYG working over the network with phantom on one pc, and WYSIWYG, any suggestions? I'm not sure which computer (Phantom PC or WYSIWYG PC) needs the WYSIWYG drivers to I installed it on both. The problem I have is that the Phantom PC only points the IP address to itself ( and, and the WYSIWYG driver (on both computers, though I suspect it's only needed on the WYSIWYG machine?) only have the options to point to them selves (so for the WYSIWYG PC). However, when I try to connect the console in WYSIWYG I just get an error saying it can't connect. I have enabled WYSIWYG and have binded universes in WYSIWYG. Any suggestions? Alternatively, does the phantom output ArtNet? I have got ArtNet working straight out of a real desk into WYSIWYG, so was wondering if it was possible on a phantom desk? Many thanks, Hobitlight
  2. HobitLight

    ZerOS Software Version 6.0.0 Released

    Ah, so this will be why I can't put windows to desktop 2, which I've been trying? That's a shame, would be nice to use multiple desktops! Is it possible that multiple desktops could be considered for a future update?
  3. HobitLight

    LTP Relative to Submasters

    Doh! Having read through the manual I've found that the answer is yes, this is possible! For those searching for this in the future, it's on page 122 of the manual, and called Submaster Controls. Thanks Zero88!
  4. HobitLight

    ZerOS Software Version 6.0.0 Released

    The Release Notes say that the Windows Remote Monitor application can only be used with ORB Lighting Desks. Can it be used with Leap Frog desks running the latest software?
  5. HobitLight

    LTP Relative to Submasters

    Hi guys, On the Leap Frog is it possible to set the programmed LTP values of a submaster to be relative to the level of the submaster? So, for example, a moving head has a manual/ value from the cue stack tilt value of 100, and the submaster has a programmed value of 200, the submaster would set the tilt value to 150 if the submaster is at 50%. I'll pretty sure this isn't possible on the desk, so if not could this be considered for a future update? Many thanks, HobitLight

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