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  1. Hi Charlie. I have this problem too with my fat frog occasionally. each wheel has a light sensor attached to it, which sometimes come loose and can stop the wheels from working. I've had to take the desk apart. and re-seat the sensors. its fairly easy to do. putting the thing back together can be a bit tricky so i'd find a friend to help. you kinda need someone to hold bits whilst others are slide back together. Also i'm guessing it might invalidate any warranty you may have so could be worth finding out about it before you do anything!
  2. Hi there. New Fat Frog user here! not sure what version software it is, i'll check up on that tomorrow. Is it possible to program a single parameter (ie. prism, gobo, strobe) into a pallet? I could only record all beam-shape info. Thought the desk was in partial mode but again, will check this tomorrow.
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