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  1. Is there any particular model of Goosneck light that is OK. All the light specs for sale that I can find use the XLR plug case as the 0V. Is there any manufacturer that makes one that is OK? :?
  2. I found the answer this morning. Don't play with the "wide" button when sonething is set up on the bottom row of faders. As I played with the Wide button this morning the "fault" was cleared immediately. Problem solved and a learning experience at the same time. Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. I am new to the Frog and have just finished my first theatre show. During the run a fault developed as one fader/address remained at FF all times. It responds to master fader and solo flash but otherwise remains at FF. I have cleared the desk completely of all settings and memory but it still is at FF. Any other suggestions?
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