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  1. Rosvolinna

    A Q: How to create a blank que on ORB XF

    OK, thanks for the info. - I'm glad to hear that cue 0 is returning to ZerOS. It's good feature and I use it a lot.
  2. I have ORB XF running with Zeros 7.9.1. How can I make a blank cue? On a factory default OS there was a selection on the cue setup but i can't find it on 7.9.1. thanks
  3. Rosvolinna

    A problem update ORBfx operating system

    Hi Me and my ORBxf needs a step by step instructions for the update using USB-stick I have version and i'd like to update to 7.9.1 How can i create a bootable USB? Thanks
  4. Rosvolinna

    A problem update ORBfx operating system

    Now it works. I took another USB-stick - 1GB Maxell from stone age. This old Maxell will be my new magic wand. Thanks Edward
  5. Rosvolinna

    A problem update ORBfx operating system

    Hi I followed instructions. The PC part went OK but ORB not. I boot the desk with USB-stick and Z-logo appears and message "Missing operating system" What went wrong?
  6. Rosvolinna

    iPad Remote App

    Hi Jon I wound like to join the iPad test ride. RL
  7. Rosvolinna

    Help needed for upgrading JesterML24

    Now my Jester is upgraded. I used 32Mb CompactFlash card and USB-card reader. I don't know what went wrong with the memory sick. It works fine with my computer and Jester can read and write showdata on that stick. The stick is Kington 4Gb datatraveler. Version 2.3 has many major improvements comparing to 1.1. Keybord support, 240 subs. My opinion is that JesterML 24 is the best small/compact desk ever made. Thanks to ZERO-Crew keep the light shining..... Happy customer from Finland
  8. Hi I am trying to upgrade JesterML24 ver 1.1 to ver 2.3. The desk won't find *.jos file on my USB-stick. The stick is 4GB fat32. Following file are on my stick - JML_23.joh & JML_23.jos Could anyone tell me how to "step by step" install an upgrage to my desk.
  9. Rosvolinna

    Help needed for upgrading JesterML24

    Thanks I'll try with another stick tomorrow. Instructions at the zero-web are plain and simple - what can go wrong . I'll keep you informed....

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