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  1. Thanks Iank99, I did see the prompt when starting the desk up that it was looking at the disk drive, and one can hear it whirring, but system doesn't find file on the disk. I suspect that I may have the faulty floppy disk drive issue, where the operating system can't read the disk. Despite it claiming it has successfully completes a disk format. Much appreciated you taking the effort to help. Regards John Mac.
  2. Hi, A quickie, I want to upgrade the software on my Illusion120 desk to version 7.5, and have the file "illusion.osf" on a floppy disk, 1.211KB The manual is less than helpfull with " Full Instructions on how to upgrade the software in the desk will be provided with the upgrade disk", which are absent. Please could you tell me what to do:-) Kind regards John Macgregor
  3. Hi I've been asked to look at my daughters school Alcora lighting desk. The usual i"t was working now its' not". Upon investigating no flashing is seen on the DMX Output LED. My initial thought go in to super user and reset DMX patch, thinking desk has forgotten patch channel to address. Is this a symptom of a dead memory battery, if so what type? Or is it more likely DMX transmitter chip has died? Regards John Mac.
  4. Thanks Jon, Mission accomplished, Battery replaced pressed OK to clear error message, into setup mode and then reset Desk. load backed up show off USB stick, and away we went with programming 61 cues, (saved back to the stick). Easy...... Regards John Mac.
  5. Please could someone advise on replacing battery on Jester 24/48ML, Desk is forgetting fixtures when powered down. Have a long session tomorrow plotting propose saving show to USB memory, but would like not to have to say to school keep the power on... Is it a simple case of base off and replace CR2032 battery? Regards John Mac.
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