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  1. Steven

    Merge or overwrite

    Thanks Jon! That was it.
  2. Steven

    Merge or overwrite

    After updating my Leap 48 to ZerOS, and recording a palette (for instance a position), I don't get the option to 'Merge' anymore. I only can choose to overwrite the palette. Anybody else recognizes this unwanted behavior?
  3. I will give it a try this saturday. Tnx Mike!!
  4. What IP-ranges are allowed to use for ArtNet on a Leap Frog 48? The ones I tried to use so far all gave me the notice it aint a valid ArtNet address (I tried this in PhantomZerOS 7.8)
  5. Hi Mike, Attached you will find my showfile. I don't have any submaster programmed with the requested feature. I want to use the fixtures 121-130 (Robe DLX) and 131-134 (Robe Ledwash 600) I hope you can help me sort this out! Tnx, Steven setup D2S-2014.isf
  6. I will save the show tonight. Where can I send it to Mike?
  7. Hi Mike, That's also what I thought...but... After releasing the submaster flash, it will not return to the previous colour.
  8. LeapFrog 48: I would like to have some 'specials' under my submasters. Lets say I have some movers, intensity FULL, color RED. Now I want an effect with these movers. When pressing the flasbutton of a submaster I want the movers to STROBE in WHITE. When I release the flasbutton the movers have to go back to intensity FULL and color RED. How can this be done?
  9. Jon, Were you able to make me the DLX?
  10. And also the gobo wheel config...
  11. Hi Jon, Robe just put the DMX charts and user manual on their site...
  12. Hi Jon, Thank you for the 600 LEDWash! I was able to het the tables of the DLX throurg our distributor. Can you get onto making this fixture for me?
  13. Im looking for fixture profiles for the Robe ROBIN DLX spot and the Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWash. Does any one have them already?
  14. Since a couple of weeks I changed my Fat Frog for a Leap Frog 48. What a great console! I only run into the following problem: When powering the desk on, the grand master varies between 60 and 63%, instead of 0 and 100%. Any suggestions?
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