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    Sirius 24 - wonky channel 13

    Please have a closer look at the main pcb. For the channel 13 are following components at the output responsible: IC 8 ( LM 324 ), Q16 (BC547), D12 (1N4148), C17 (4n7) and SIL2 (Resistor-Array 3K3). Q16 with SIL2 are the driver for the LED. IC8 is the OPAMP for the output voltage in combination with D12 and C17.Sometimes there is also a problem with a bad connection from the main pcb to the Socapex socket.

    Sirius 24/48 - IPL Failed

    As a feedback to my last post i will say that we solved the problem. The 68B03 CPU on the DMX Card had a malfunktion. We discovered this in the background with Keith from Zero 88 in several mails. Finally Keith supplied us with the replacement part, a difficult available item. It's not a matter of course to get support for a 17 years old product, so we like to say " many thanks" to Keith and Zero 88 for their great support! We started in the early 80's with a used Lightmaster 601 from France, changed soon to a lightweight LM 1200, followed by the Sirius 24 in the year 1992. Current we use a Mambo Frog and the old Sirius for standalone background lighting at small events. Until now we did not have any problems with Zero 88 Products, so we trust in the future in their products, and their support again. Finally let me say: Zero 88 and their support ROCKS!! Walter from Germany and please excuse my bad english.

    Sirius 24/48 - IPL Failed

    Hello together, This is an old thread, but i have similar problems. We had fitted a DMX Card to a Sirius 24 and made the changes to the main PCB. Under Super-User we can't find the option "DMX-Patch" so the main pcb seems not to recognize the DMX Card. When we make the IPL Test the answer is not failed or error code, the answer is "unavailable". First we thought we have the wrong Software Version, but in the manual is written, all Versions above 4319 are DMX-Ready.We have 4322.We checked all connections, we measured directly to the pins at the CPU of the main pcb, the link connection is correct, power on DMX-pcb is correct and so on. If someone could help it would be very kind. My Questions: When did the IPL test says " unavailable "? There is a signal from right hand board to DMX-Board called " Enable IPL". Must this sigal be active high? (It's always low). Which connections must be established, that the Software "knows" that there is a DMX-Board fitted. In the moment i have no solution, maybe an "old crack" can give us an answer. Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.

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