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  1. Leo_e

    16 or 8bit

    I thought the movingheads was in 16bit-mode but it was just a menu. When i selected "16-bit" i was able to choose "mode1" or "Mode2". Sometimes it´s quite easy Tnx for your help.
  2. Leo_e

    16 or 8bit

    Thank you for your answer. I guess the problem is with the movingheads then.
  3. Leo_e

    16 or 8bit

    Hello my friends. I'm having a small problem running my movingheads in 16bit from my FatFrog. Is it possible that FatFrog can't do this? 8Bits works just fine. - Leo
  4. Thank you! The patch for the fixtures was set to... or, was not set would probably be the right way to say it!
  5. I was connecting some more fixtures and realised that i had to change the settings for this on my fatfrog. Fixtures 1 and 2 worked as they should but 3 and 4 was set to another type of fixture. When i changed them to the correct type of fixture all four fixtures went dead. They do not respond to "home" or my jelling! What do you think i should do?
  6. I've tried to program the generics to the submasters so that i can change their colour there. (btw, is it possible to make the submasters "flash" button to hold instead of flash?) I was hoping to be able to select the colour for the generics via the submasters and control the movingheads via the pallets but when i change submaster (or memory) the movingheads goes to their home position (or to the position they where when i was programming the generics). Is there any way to exclude the movingheads from the memory/submaster?
  7. Hello again and thank you guys for the helg i´ve got from you the last time i was in trouble. Is it possible to, when i change the eg. colour via a pallet i´ve created, to also have a generics to start? If i press the pallet for "red" i would also like the generics to change colour to red. (or maybe some other colour. Is this possible or will i have to program the generics some other where? By the way, talking about the fatfrog. Bye - leo
  8. Thank you for your aswers, hopefully all this will clear up tomorrow when i get back to work and can get to work on the Fatfrog. It's quite hard to understand a thing you never done before without having the frog infront of you Thank you all again!
  9. I´m not sure i follow you right now... By doing this i would simply hold the colour/beam/pos button and then press the wanted palette?
  10. Thank you for your answer. Are you supose to hold down the "color button" _and_ press the wanted palett or press and hold the "color button", release, and then after a while press the wanted palett? I could´nt tell from the manual and you answer.
  11. Hello. As far as i know, the way of using the fatfrog live during a concert is by making cool stuff and copying the to the submasters. But what if i feel like changing the colour sudenly? or maybe make the moving heads go out on the crowd and still have the selected color and beamshape? What i would like to do is to have like six buttons that selects different colours (which are programmed before), six buttons for different positions(one for the crowd, one for the lead and so on..). And also a few buttons for beamshape so that i can change gobos when ever i like and still have the same position/movement and colour. i know this is possible using the hog2 but can i do this via the fatfrog? Thnx - leo
  12. Hello. I have a little problem you might be able to help me with. Programming light-desks isn't in my daily routine but tomorrow at a small consert thats parently my job What i do know so far is how to make a chase (or at least i think i'v done it right). But then i don't know how to save it to a sub. I would really like some fast help here! desk - Fat Frog light - p64's + Robe Tnx - Leo
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