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  1. Im starting to agree. it saves it intermittently. EDIT: I have spoken to keith, he is now out of the office until tuesday. he has given me a PDF explaining how to do maintenance on the desk. Am i right in thinking that the fatfrog uses a CR2032 watch battery? If so, i will pop to the shops tomorrow morning before school and fit it later tomorrow. is is pretty easy? Thanks, Joe
  2. Come on guys!! I need help!!!!
  3. after a recent upgrade to the latest frog firmware- and adding nine LED RGB lights, it appears my fatfrog does not retain memory after being switched off. I have checked in superuser and it says that the battery is OK. am i turning it off right? as there is not power switch i just turn it off at the plug. Thanks, Joe
  4. sorted now. was trying to patch an unknown LED light- RGB Dimmer - that turned out to be architectural: N x 3 = C N being number assigned on light C being first dmx channel used Thanks for your post paul, Joe
  5. can anyone help me update the fixture library on my fatfrog? Thanks, Joe
  6. joefrog

    USB Keyboard

    Hey guys, is it possible to use a usb or usb wireless keyboard with a fatfrog- by getting a usb to ps2 adapter? Thanks, Joe
  7. I can't work out how to save a memory with a name. I see the names column, but the frog just skips over it, I have the keyboard. I was also wondering, is it possible to use a USB keyboard. With a ps2 to USB adapter?
  8. I do theatre. im 13 now and have used all sorts of zero88 desk and strand desks. I was dropped in at the deep end, i actually used a manual desk after using a fatfrog. I learnt when i was 10. first show was bugsy malone (remember it like yesterday) IT IS SO EASY!!! just read the manual and have a play. that always help. pm if u need help Joe
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