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  1. well theres 2 options lets say they have 4 channels 1-red 2-green 3-blue 4-strobe you can either address them all as 1 and then controll them using the faders or there is a fixture personality avalible somewhere on the zero88 , for led par cans to be honest if your only using them as like a wash , and not really trying for special patterns with them ,your best bet is to use them on the faders nice and simple
  2. hey there alex once you have the movers running on the desk and have controll of them , the best thing i can sujjest is that you select the fixtures you want to use for the search light scene , then leave them open white , no gobo or colour , then press the position button or the wheel group button till you see Effect Size X Size Y that will allow you to make shapes with the beams e.g. figure of 8 triangle circle set the sizes to what ever you wish , then press position or wheel group again and you can set the speed and offset ,so they either do or dont move in sync save that as a memory then program the postion you want straight after and take of the ltp fade time , and set postion to snap and then save that as the memory after example Memory 1 : seachlights , movers making shapes memory 2 : snap to position i hope that helps , best of luck and hope i can help you more fellow frog newbie Sam one other thing alex , had a flick through the forums you might find this usefull http://www.aux99.co.uk/blue-room/Copy%20of...gram%20V2.5.ppt its a training presentation on the fat frog , aka a get you started guide hope it helps
  3. so they wouldnt work even if it was at full ? as like a trigger?
  4. on the back of the fat frog theres an 8 pin locking socket for a remote now i was wondering if you can use the zero88 level 6 controller as a remote? sort of remote fader triggers or something along thoes lines any idears ? or should i just flog the level 6 controller
  5. you Know Your A Frog Addict when you use it along with 4 led par cans to create mood lighing whe your girlfriend comes over , and you hit the go button as u put your arm around her LMAO! " sorry love just missed a cue "
  6. got another problem with the frog after using it for a while sometimes the wheels dont seem to respond , ive tried cleaning the optical sensors on the wheels but no luck seems the only way to get them to work its to reboot the desk anyone got any idears???
  7. Mine Gets used in a couple of diffrent places around Walthamstow E17 area schools , theatres , outdoor music concerts, but it seems to take pride of place in my bedroom running a set of 4 dmx scanners because i got bored with my normal bedroom lights and thought hey why not mix it up at bit
  8. A very good freind of mine has given me the best and cheapest repair possible AND IT WORKS What you need : 1 Clean unscratched CD Case Seethrough/ Clear. 1 Stanley Knice 1 Ruler 1 Fat Frog aobut 30 mins step one mark and cut out from the cd case a peice 4.5cm by 8.5 cm take the desk apart and remove the screen moddulle , be carefull not to loose the spacers cut out the thin coated screen from the chassis of the desk and neaten up the edges using very small peices of sticky tap , tape the peice of plastic you cut out over the hole FROM THE INSIDE!!!! carefully re attach the screen module do not do the screws all the way up , if you do MAKE SURE YOU BACK THEM OFF HALF A TURN attachind is a before and after shot any questions then feel free to ask Best of luck PLEASE NOTE : i take no responisbility if you mess up your own desk , im simply giving you an idear also it may be adviseable to put a thin ring of silicone selant around the edge , just incase you do happen to spill anything on it !
  9. How do you select the memorys that you want to name ??? Thanks
  10. hey there say ive got a dimmer rack of 100 channels and i want the FIRST generic FADER on the fat frog to controll channels < 1, 12 , 24 > i.e a set of channels so when i push one fader up the selected channels come up is this possible? Thanks Sam
  11. ok thanks makes a bit more sence now althought 1024 channels woulda been more use than a splitter
  12. cure a new lacquer..... any particular one , because i somewhat doubt a homebase jobbie is going to cover it ?
  13. so how why is there 2 dmx outputs on the FAT FROG , ok ive not looked into it greatly 2 universies should mean 1024 dmx channels right ? so why does the desk only ever list 512? am i missing something ? id like to use univers A for generics and univers B for fixtures , is it possible on the fat frog Thanks Sam
  14. ok zero88 thanks for merging this shame that theres still no OFFICAL REPAIR to be honest the only thing i can think of doing is this open the desk , cut the flim screen off and replace with a 1mm sheet of clear acrylic aplied with small amounts of silicone sealant any sujjestions other than that??? thanks Sam
  15. hey ive got a fat frog its been used for sometime and the coating on screen a has started to peel off and its not a major concern just makes it a pain to look at any recomendations ???? Thanks Sam
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