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  1. I am experiencing problems programming MACROS on the TL Xtra. Macros seem to be ok with purely generic channels but the problems manifest themselves when using FIXTURES. e.g. Select PROGRAM Mode Press MACRO 1 the PROGRAM Select FIXTURES 1 to 8 ( LED PAR cans in this instance) Set Dimmer Channel to 100% Set Colour RED to 100% Press MACRO Set all channels to 0, deselect fixtures, go to RUN Mode In RUN Mode Press MACRO 1 What happens next seems to be random. Sometime all 8 fixtures are selected and the RED channel set to 100% but Dimmer Channel stays at 0, other times nothing happens. Have tried reprogramming the MACROS have cleared the MACROS and then started again but I can't get consistent operation. Have updated to the latest version of the firmware but it is still the same. What am I doing wrong ?
  2. Is there a way to set the number of times a chase will run before moving to the next cue in the stack ? I have re read the manual but can't seem to find what I require and also I can't see on option on the desk itself.
  3. My fat Frog failed last night just before a show. it had been working fine all day and was powered down to move into the tech box. When powered up again all that happens is all the LEDs in the push buttons come on and stay on and the LCD screens are black. my Fat Frog doesn't have a VGA connector so I can't connect an external screen.
  4. I have programmed some colour palettes on a Jester TL extra. However when building a look in program mode if I select a palette the desk thinks I want to program the palette again rather that a memeory. How do I program the palette into a memory ?
  5. At the college where I work we have a Jester ML24 which is ideal for our needs. However I foresee a time when I will need more than 24 channels of dimming. As this will be for the occassional performanceIs and space is tight so I don't want to slave another desk via the DMX IN, is it possible to create a fixture for a dimmer pack? I have been trying with Fixture editor but it will only allow 1 dimmer channel per fixture.
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