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  1. Alkalite Tracpod TP81, Any fixtures? Very strange, dont see the fixture file for this fixture anywhere? Thought it was a very common fixture? Can anybody please help me make the file, i am trying now to do it myself but cant seem to get it right... Documentation is to find on the elation website..
  2. Hi, i love the parameter programming! But was wondering if it is me doing something wrong or if the feature is not there. Is it possbile to program fx a x size as the only parameter? or a movement speed? It would be nice to have 3 different movements speeds in the position pallete, is that possible with latets version of software?
  3. And why have gaps, you can allways use the insert function ?
  4. No it was not, and it was not only one time, it was everytime i change page in submasters, changing between memories and submaster and so on. everytime it was hanging a few seconds, just like when a pc " is thinking"
  5. I have experienced the same thing, with version 9.8 i was hanging when changing submaster page and when switching between memorys and submasters, but also when trying to drive my moving fixtures manually on the wheels... I didnt have much memory at that show about 15 i think, and about 25 submasters at 3 pages...
  6. This would be a great feature, it would really speed up the process of picking pallets and subs while busking!
  7. Hi, I know you will say that i should search, i did, and i didnt find anything useful... My Question is, as you may have guessed, about making waves. Lets say i got 4 movinghead fixtures, they all stand on the floor in a straight line. The effect i want to acheive: all fixtures pointing down to the ground, then i want number 1 to tilt up, lets say until it is straight up, and then down again, BUT, the four fixtures have to do this in a wave, (you all know that i want). I have already done this, i used the the ellipse and only let them tilt, then i put on different offset. But then they ar
  8. Absolutely a good idea with 2 x 24 pallets ! could use that !
  9. Yeah, i think this sounds great, it will be a big upgrade for busking lights i think!
  10. Martin


    Hi, Can anyone telle how to do a wave with my movingheads, i got four moving heads, and i want to do a tilt wave, and it shall only run once when i hit the submaster, how to do this?
  11. Martin


    somekind of editing an memory output while another is running?
  12. Martin


    But it would be nice to be able to program in full mode with tracking? i think , i am not sure, but i think so, but if you do make the tracking a feature that can be turned on/off along with program mode, why not separate it into its own and make a tracking on/off setting in superuser? Will multiple chases be possible? you could start a chase at one memory and in the next start another and then at the third stop them both?
  13. I use wysiwyg design, and for me it would mean upgrading to perfom and bying wyg it, that is quite expensive...
  14. Because i think that the other solution would be cheper, we dont have unlimited budget
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