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  1. Having been through tech week and programmed numerous cues into memory. Many have been added after and changed, and now have a lot of .1 and .2 up to .8 cue numbers. Is there a way to re-number them all so they are nice clean numbers with no point somethings? Cheers James
  2. Has this become reality for the Jesters yet? Will Midi fire the go button? This would make it more versatile than it already is. If not, is there a date set for this or when could we expect it? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your clarification on the topset. Not sure where that would be useful though. I am aware of the max load for the ring, so that's isn't a problem and have worked out load balancing also. Many thanks for your quick reply.
  4. Hi All, New to Zero 88 products, have used a few of the cheap stuff before, but have upgraded to a Jester 12/24 and three betapack3s. The topset function is new to me and am just a little confused. Does it limit the percentage output on a channel, i.e. max the light will go to is 90% or does it limit the max amps per channel. At the moment, for one show I'm doing, they don't have proper power distribution and am running them off 13amp sockets. Just keeping the load right down. I'm not exceeding 10amps per dimmer. Just wondering if the Topset function can help with this. Many thanks for your assistance and great products!
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