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  1. aaron

    I pad

    Yes I found that. The only thing is you can't zoom to a area on the desk. That would make it really useful! I think the app is great by the way. Thanks for you commitment to make such a good console even better
  2. aaron

    I pad

    How do you swap from monitor mode to the remote mode ?
  3. aaron

    Range submasters

    I have just discovered the shift copy feature for moving a part of the cue stack onto the subs I must say this is a great feature, But I have a few Questions 1. is there anywhere that you can see the cue number you are playing back 2. is there a way to step back (If not may a suggest Shift + sub key) 3. also it would be great to have a choice of where the fade times are taken from I.e a form of override would be great. so say you build a stack of positions with 1 sec fade but then want to busk a slow number you could then slow your steps to say 10 sec Great feature sorry about all the questions
  4. I tried both Funny Thing is this week with a fresh install and clean show the entours and fx's work fine But the mvs hazer is doing the same thing only in position encoder instead
  5. Hi I have the same problem Using Mac250 entours shift effects brings up the pallet window and i can start effects that way but when the effects button is pushed by itself nothing happens. the encoder windows don not change
  6. aaron

    250+ focus missing

    the problem is more interesting that above I made a new fixture for the 250+ and still no focus so I mapped ever attribute to a specific encoder and bingo I now have focus so must be a bug some were ??
  7. aaron

    250+ focus missing

    Hi under the new library update the martin Mac 250+ mode for no longer has a focus attribute also tried it in mode 2 and even tried to patch them as a 250 instead of a 250+ still no focus attribute they used to work fine under v20 Cheers Aaron
  8. aaron

    step control

    Hi just trying to work out if there is a way to tag/untag subs with chases loaded on them so the step key only steps through selected sub rather than all the subs that are currently up
  9. aaron

    Auto Menus

    hi we have just purchased a 96 leap frog so sorry if this is a dumb question Having added 4 entours in wide mode and 6 250+ s in mode 4 I created color palettes the desk did not do palettes for the entours ever though the colors are the same as the 250+ is this a bug or just something i have done i must say the beam shape palettes work fine just not the color and i have re generated them to make sure i did i right Cheers Aaron

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