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  1. Harlow College

    Introducing FLX S

    Thats really useful. Thanks.
  2. Harlow College

    Introducing FLX S

    This is exciting but how does it compare to the original FLX? I am guessing the FLX S is more fader based than syntax? What features do you lose if any? And what is the price comparison? Thanks. RW
  3. Harlow College

    Updating a Cue and Chase in Cue Stack

    Hi there. I might be missing something but here is my problem... I have a cue stack programmed using effects such as the dimmer 'smooth' effect. I use this quite happily night after night however when I come to edit the cue say I move the movers position slightly then update the cue, the dimmer effect stops running. I have tried a few different options on the pop up window but always the effect stops. It seems to remember movement and rainbow effects just not any of the dimmer effects. I'm using the latest software and running the desk in tracking basic. Also what are the chances of being able to create a chase within a cue stack again at least for playback 0? I really miss this feature which I mainly used for looping cues. i.e. cue 21 Chorus <man step chase> Verse <man step chase> Chorus then run next memory 22 to black out. Thanks
  4. Harlow College

    Installing To Usb Stick - Boot Sector

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions, I will most definatly try all of them! I did copy the USB installer to another un networked PC and it worked first time. I would like to know though why we can't just download the file ready to go and copy it straight to a USB stick. The installer, I always find, creates problems (usally with our PCs). Is it that the file is too large for download or is it more technical than that?
  5. Harlow College

    Installing To Usb Stick - Boot Sector

    Also I have tried a couple of diffrent PCs.
  6. Harlow College

    Installing To Usb Stick - Boot Sector

    Hi I get the folloing message whilst trying to install to our Zero88 USB drive from PC. It just stays on this message. Installing to drive E: Formatting drive... Format Completed successfully. Installing boot sector... Hope you can help, looking forward to playing with 7.7!
  7. Good Day to you all. I have got a Leapfrog 96 desk. Before Christmas we had to move our desk for a performance which was being staged over our raked auditorium so all of the technical controls were run from the up stage part of the performance space with the audiance sitting on the normal performance area, however by moving the desk it developed a fault. Basically the GO button would restart the desk if pressed (which if like me you tend to do during a show). It would restart the desk during a tech and dress run, but never thankfully during a performance. We took it that this was because the lx op was pressing the go button more quietly than normal during a performance due to being so close to the audiance so the fault was not occuring. During the run we phoned a really helpful gent at Zero88 who sugested a few things such as setting up a Macro to trigger the go which we did. At this stage I assumed that the Printed Circuit Board had become cracked and was shorting out the desk. It was not a software thing said the nice man at Zero88 as if it was the desk would have offered a debug file apon restarting so we knew it was more serious than that. This morning I finally got a chance to open up and inspect the desk. After lots of playing around I discovered that under the GO button there are two switches with red LEDs on. If you press the left hand one the desk runs next cue, if however you press the right hand one, then the desk restarts. The right hand switch has a lot of play in it compared to the left one. Also one of the solder points under the PCB is concaved where the others are all convex. My questions are, Can I remove the 'broken'(?) switch without any problems or do I need both switches to be present? Can I request a new switch and is it easy to swap out? Would I be better off returning the whole desk or the PCB to Zero88 for them to repair and how much will Zero88 Charge? Has anyone else had any experiance of this? Thank you all for your time. Richard, GlassBox Theatre - Harlow College
  8. Harlow College

    Mem override

    Many many thank yous. (Your time is probably better spent trying to fix technical problems than responding to my dull posts!)
  9. Harlow College

    go button not working

    Does that mean that 5.2 is unusable at present??? Go button seems to be working ok on our desk... It will be a real shame if 5.2 not quite right as it seems great! So glad you were able to make it so good. Love the more useful progress bar on fade times. Love the images on pallets. Love the fact that the override control now works. Love the curvy buttons in Orb mode. Hate the fact that you can't play frogger on the new leapfrogs! R.
  10. Harlow College

    Mem override

    Loaded the 5.0 ZerOs on our frog96 and have two rather pressing issues. 1) is that the memory override dial do longer works. (it was set to minus when desk was updated) 2) is that the Mac 500 on the new fixture library, it would seem, has no fixed gobo wheel. I quickly went back to using version 4 so may have to try and have a look again to see if it was my mistake or are these issuse you are aware of?
  11. Can the pallets show a colour aproximate to the colour picker? Ie within a clickable pallet we could have a smaller box with the mixed colour (if using colour picker) or a rough colour for say moving heads with fixed colours and use the colour picker to make a rough version of the movers colour. This would make 'busking' a show faster. It could go futher and have a load of gobo images for use with the beamshape pallets. Might get a bit disco looking if not carefull!?
  12. Harlow College

    Chroma Floods fixtures.

    Hi. I couldn't work out for a while why our Chroma Floods on our frog 96 were comming up as CYM rather than RGB. After ten minuets of trying, I tried reading the release notes and all was clear. However it took me slightly longer to work out why our chroma floods were not working on the new, and may I say it brilliant, colour picker. To cut a short story long, It was because our Chroma Floods in the newest fixture release (20.00) were set to have subtractive colours and not positive colour mixing. I didn't look to see if all LED fixtures were effected in this way. Maybe needs changing in the next fixture update.

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