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  1. Two part question here: 1: I have not had much luck trying to figure out how to best playback an effect without it snapping on launch or on release. I understand that if I have "position" tagged in an effect it will play the effect from that tagged position. So, my question is how do I get the effect to fade back to a position on release without it jerking or snapping? 2: What is the best way to playback an effect? I would be applying the effect to a cue that is already running. Is a UDF, UDK or effect within the cue stack the best way to execute the effect?
  2. Can Phantom Frog be controlled via midi controller? I am interested in having a midi controller (ex. Jazzmutant's Lemur) control the Frog OS or Phantom. Can all parameters of the software be called up by midi? For example if I was to creat a control surface with a midi interface could I then tell it to control faders and buttons like on the physical console. My ideas is to have one midi control surface that can run the lighting software and my other software. I have had the Frog 2 console for about 4 years now and I am used to the software so I would really like to still use it for this applic
  3. We have been using the Frog 2 for 3 years now and have always needed more UDF control per UDF page. With the new software update we can now expand the UDF control with the DMX in. Has anyone had any luck with this and what board did you use to gain the extra 20 UDF controls? Also what Zero88 console would be good for this? Thanks, Wes hplighting.blogspot.com
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