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  1. Leap Frog 48 - running the most recent software.
  2. Could you please make a fixture profile for the new Vari-lite VL4000. http://www.vari-lite.com/clientuploads/directory/downloads/VL4000_Spot_Users_B_22October2014.pdf Thanks
  3. Cooper controls are telling me that they no longer carry replacement faders for the LeapFrog48. Can you point me to someone else in the US that I can get them from? Thanks
  4. I need a fixture profile for a Sharpy Wash 330 ASAP!! Anyone have one? Running a Leap Frog 48, current version 7.7 of ZerOS
  5. I need a fixture profile ASAP for a Sharpy Wash 330 - I'm running a LeapFrog48, current version 7.7 Please Help
  6. No smart tag is not enabled. Various fixtures... Robe Vision scans, LED Heads No smart tag is not enabled. Various fixtures... Robe Vision scans, LED Heads
  7. Hi Guys, I've been having some issues when programming submasters. Whenever I program my movers into a submaster with a position palette they never update correctly when I update the palette at the next venue. All my cues update just fine all the time and yes I'm using the merge option when updating palettes. My Leapfrog48 has been doing this for the past 3-4 software updates and I'm currently on 7.4 using tracking advanced. My keystrokes are as follows... choose movers, Home, select color palette, select beamshape palette, select position palette, select submaster to program,
  8. So then you can take any DMX console with patchable faders and use it as a wing for the LF48? What about the flash buttons? Would others respond the same way as the ones on the LF48? Could I still run cue lists from this "wing"?
  9. Hi Jon, So everything went well with patching. The functionality is great except after I loaded the auto palletes I dont get a choice of intensity effects. Any reason for this? Matt
  10. Perfect sense!! Thanks very much!! I will try it this week.
  11. Hi Jon Thanks for getting back to me. This all makes perfect sense but how do you stop the editor software from allocating channels? If I try to assign dmx channels 5-7 to say what would be section 1 RGB it automatically makes a "7 channel" fixture even though I'm only using 3 channels. And then the board won't let me overlay the channels. I'm using a Leap Frog 48...BTW
  12. I know there are many ways to go about this so I'm looking for suggestions on how to write this fixture personality. I have 12 LED bars. You can control all the RGB levels as one or you can split them up into 3 separate sections. I like that functionality because most of my programming is going to be within the 3 separate sections. I'm wondering how to go about writing dimming control and using color pallettes. Here is the DMX Chart... 1 - Strobe 2 - Full Bar Red 3 - Full Bar Green 4 - Full Bar Blue 5 - Section 1 Red 6 - Section 1 Green 7 - Section 1 Blue 8 - Section 2 Red 9 -
  13. I'm trying to create a new fixture profile for an LED fixture. When I choose Red+, Green+ and Blue+ in the special menu it transfers to the desk as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow. I've tried every option and loaded it separatly but the only thing that makes the console display Red, Green, Blue is when the special tab is set to "None". Any idea why this is happening? One other question... Why is the new version of fixture editor advertised as 2.5 but when I download it it still comes up as version 2.1?
  14. Hello???? I'm at a stand still here and need an option... Somebody please respond!!!!
  15. Hi Peter, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I'm sure... I got a warning message while programming last night. The MEM box in the lower right corner of my monitor reads 9% and it is highlighted. I am running the desk in full tracking mode and my file size is 3.95MB. I have about 60 Palettes programmed between col, beam and Pos and about 25 or so groups. I've heard there is a compact flash card on the inside... can that be swaped for a larger one? Thanks for any help. Matt
  16. I'm in the midst of programming and my console is telling me that I have reached 90% memory...and I still have about 10 more songs to program. Is there a way to purchase more memory for the desk or am I out of luck. I've only used about 500 memories... I thought I had up to 999??
  17. A clear button would be useful on the App for the Leapfrog 48/96 for programming palettes and such remotely from the stage. I guess it just assures me that the memory has been cleared out before going on to the next step.
  18. Is there a clear button on the iPhone App for the Frog 48/96? I can't find it if there is. Other than that... LOVE IT!! Matt
  19. Is it possible to make the Override knob NOT effect the speed of the running EFX? also When selecting fixtures... is it possible to change a mode so that when you go from say 2 - mac 600's and then select 6- mac 700's the 2- mac 600's turn off? I know you can do this with groups but I can't possibly think of all the groups to make to cover every fixture combination I might use.
  20. There are 2 other things that I encountered while programming a new show the other day that I wanted to bring to your attention. When using the shape generator I noticed that when you come out of the cue running the shape and go into a new cue with a fade time on the position the shape generators functions also fade down with the fade time. This makes the lights jump and jerk all over the place. It seems to me that those functions should always snap back to normal so that a smooth fade can be accomplished. The other thing I'm noticing is that when I bring down a sub with a chase runni
  21. Paul, Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you on this. The beta software seems to have solved the problem with the LED's. There are 2 other things that I encountered while programming a new show the other day - see THIS TOPIC. Thanks! Matt
  22. I put in a brand new floppy drive... ??? My show is backed up on 4 seperate brand new disks...??? Enough with the Floppy issue... I know it's fine!! There is something going on with the Virtual intensity thing. This all started when I introduced that feature to the desk. Has the mother board been updated since January of 2005? That is the date on my console. You said everything worked fine at your shop. If that is a fact then I shouldn't be having these issues. I did finally get it to work...sort of. I had to install all of my fixtures that I created with the fixture editor to the
  23. Got an error code when my show was loading and it won't go away. The screen comes up... Error Loading Show Error Code 90100020 Any help would be appreciated!! Matt
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