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  1. Thomas Worrall

    Sirius 24 blackout switch bug

    I'll check it. If it's leaked, is there any recourse, or is the board damaged beyond repair? Thanks, Amorya
  2. I've just bought a Sirius 24 desk off ebay. I've been playing with it today without connecting any lights, to get a feel for the controls. It seems to have a bug with the DBO switch. We left it on blackout for a bit, and when we returned it seemed to be outputting full brightness on all channels (according to the indicator LEDs), and it did not respond to controls. Upon restarting it, the desk seemed to work again but pressing the DBO switch at all caused it to lock up (with some corruption on a few of the displays: the submaster memory and next cue displays gained a dot instead of one of the characters on them). If I disconnect the mains and leave it a few minutes then reconnect, the process repeats from the start: pressing DBO works initially but at some point a few minutes after pressing it, it sets the channels to max and locks again. Have I bought a dud desk or is there a fix? At the moment I'm not sure I'd trust it to light a show. The seller said he'd just replaced the battery, so assuming he's telling the truth it's not that. Amorya
  3. Thomas Worrall

    Lighting newbie: Jester ML24 for controlling LED lights

    Thanks, that does clear things up. I thought that was how it worked, but just wanted to confirm before buying Thomas
  4. Hi. I'm quite new to lighting, and am after some advice. I am involved in an amateur theatre group. Currently we have access to a desk like this: We use it to control 8 lights via two dimmer racks. We don't use any scene memory, just set up our next cue on the other fader bank and then fade between them. I'm currently considering purchasing a Jester 24ML and some of these lights. The lights can change colour, and take four channels input (brightness and three colours). But I don't want them to take up four faders each, or there wouldn't be enough. Can I somehow have the colour parameters accessible through a menu or something, so that I can have a colour setting on any recorded cues, and then just have the faders used as brightness? Please forgive me if the question is stupid. I'm still learning about how more complicated desks work. Since the lights have the ability to change their colour, it seems like we should be able to utilise it during the show -- but giving up four faders per light seems inefficient. Thanks, Thomas

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