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  1. sirrus

    UDK Settings

    (Figured this might be the best area to ask my question without starting a new topic). What is the blank key in the programming keys section used for? (Left of the numeric keypad). It is unlabeled in the manual, is it awaiting a function or can it be used as a UDK? Thank you.
  2. sirrus

    Some Phantom bugs

    Just two things i've noticed whilst using Phantom ZerOS (version 5.4.0). Not having used an Orb console in the flesh I am not sure if these problems track through to the actual software running on the console. 1. With smart tag enabled, parked channels get included into the programming. 2. Should you change the type of playback (from a cue stack to a submaster for example) whilst playing back said playback, the cue stack gets 'hidden' but the information continues to output. Meaning the only way to regain control of these channels is to either change the playback back to a cue stack (it reappears, untouched) or to manually knockout the values from the programmer. Perhaps a dialogue and block to stop this? - "Please clear playback or release cue stack before changing playback type?" Thank you.
  3. sirrus

    Fixture naming

    Hello, I will be doing a production that will incorporate a good number of fixtures soon (by Jester standards) - Say 25, and it struck me that the only way I have to label these is with tape on the desk! (a little tricky when your flipping with pages e.t.c.) - Do you think it would be possible to incorporate some kind of labelling function? It could be simple... Add a box for a Label in the Assign Fixtures screen, then it could toggle the type and Label automatically when the Fixtures key is selected, or hold shift to see the type of fixture e.t.c.? Just an Idea, would be great in my oppinion to implement. Would give it a 'big desk' feature too! Peter,
  4. Shame though, I mean just think HOW much more usable and pleasant the desk would be to program and use with auto cue timing... It could be like an option you could turn on / off then if you wheel back past 00.00.00 it snaps to AUTO? I suppose LTP and HTP might come into it then but... Please Mr Kirkup? Just a thought I still don't regret a JesterML48 over a SmartFadeML

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