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  1. OllieB

    LED with Amber

    Hi all, thanks for your replies. I agree that there could be at the very least an approximation for each fixture. With many of these fixtures, certainly those at the cheaper end of the spectrum, I am not expecting 100% colour reproduction. Similarly, I wouldn't mind if the picker wasn't 100% accurate either. I mean, it's not like we're plugging IPS panels into the desk, calibrating them and installing colour profiles or using optimal lighting conditions for the monitors use. The accuracy of the picker was realistically lost some time ago. The crucial aspect is what it physically looks like on stage. What I think would be nice is either for a 'best guess' calibration per fixture as part of the library. Obviously this is a huge amount of work for someone at Eaton, but it doesn't have to cover every fixture, just those most commonly used, or those that are particularly problematic. It could also be done over time. You could also then provide customers that are super 'colour-conscious' with the ability to input individual fixture calibrations, perhaps with some sort of USB based calibration hardware attached to the desk that runs through the parameters of the fixture and makes adjustments to the fixture based on its readings. You could have the first fixture library with fixture colour calibration with support for any number of control channels or coloured LED's. Then come out with a fixture colour calibration tool for colour sensitive applications. Just an idea, it would be interesting to know your thoughts!
  2. OllieB

    LED with Amber

    Thanks for that information, the lights that turned up ended up being different and were just RGB, so that worked out quite nicely. I do however have some other lights that are causing me bother, and I can't find a 'nice' way to get them to work: https://www.chauvetprofessional.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/COLORdash_Par-Quad_18_DMX_EN_Rev1_WO.pdf Even in their simplest mode it's RGBAmber. What would be your recommendation for such a light? Thanks, Ollie
  3. OllieB

    LED with Amber

    Hello Recently when using some LED fixtures with the ORB XF, I had problems with the desk not having any concept of the amber channel. Whilst it could be changed by going into the fixture manually, it was unaffected by the colour picker. This made it very difficult to achieve desired colours and then desired brightness for whites. What's the best way to use this desk with lights that support more than just RGB? I'm going to be working with some of the ETC LED fixtures in the near future, which I understand have 7 different groups of LED's (Indigo, Lime, Amber, Cyan, Red, Blue, Green). The lights have an RGB mode, but (and I quote from the manual) "The RGB profile produces medium-quality color crossfades. It makes the Source Four LED Profile fixtures compatible with conventional RGB console profiles" It seems a shame from such a new desk to not have these modern fixture capabilities at our disposal. Unless they are of course, and I just don't know how. Thanks!
  4. OllieB

    Chases double stepping

    What does using partial mode also do? Are there going to be significant drawbacks to using it? And is it ever going to be fixed?!
  5. OllieB

    Chases double stepping

    Hi guys, Got a problem with my FatFrog, I go to program a chase, and say it has 4 steps, on man, bass modes the desk will jump every other one, so it will instead of being 1,2,3,4, it will go 1,3,1,3. This is obviously annoying, and I had big problems when trying to do a show recently. I did a bit of investigating and discovered that it actually does go 1,2,3,4 but it automatically triggers the next step so it will very quickly output step 2. If you're not completely confused by all that, you're a clever person. And if you can help me with it, you're a genius. If necessary I can make a video demonstrating the problem, but I'd rather not... Also, just thought, (this is probably QUITE important), but the problem only started after I upgraded to the latest firmware (which I did for fixture support). Thanks everyone!

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