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  1. yes i do. I'm off work this week so I'll send it to you sometime next week
  2. Duing the show I had lots of different pallets being selected. Using the mouse / wheels to move macs around. Also running cue stacks with chases on and ones changing the size and colour of the macs. As well as this there were UDF's and UDK's being used. It was a busy show.
  3. Uning the Frog2 last night to light a pop/rock gig. Whilst using my mac's wioth different pallets and also using the mouse to use them as a follow spot (nice feature BTW) I found after a few minutes the command line filled up and I was unable to do anymore. All I could do was press the clear button a couple of times and watched my macs all spin to their home position. I thaught it could just be a one off, but on three occasions I was unable to enter any more commands. Is this a software issue or just somthing that I'm doing wrong?
  4. Yeah found it, it works great. Is there anyway you can access the output volume??
  5. Hi I love the feature of being able to trigger CD's from a macro in a cue stack. Reading the software release notes I was expecting to be able to enter CDTTmm:ss:tt in the 'Wait' trigger box, but I'm unable to enter any text other than the realtime and midi commands. Is this a known bug or am I doing something really wrong. Steve p.s. I used this feature to sync a thunder bolt and a lightning flash, looked, sounded and worked great!
  6. Whilst plotting yeaterday, I had a number of occasions where in changing the fade times of certain scenes the desk would come up with the usual prompt of 'Save' 'Lose' and that would be it. It would freeze. After about 30 secs it would blue screen and it had to be reset. Is this a common problem. I did wonder at first if it was overheating? Also, is it just me or do the wheels operate the wrong way round when programming intelligents?? Any help greatly recieved Steve
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