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  1. csylten

    GLP Impression SpotOne

    Im going to use these lamps this weekend, and would also like to have the file. Pls help
  2. Hi! Can you please help me make a fixture file for the Impression 120RZ ? I know the impression already is supported, but this is not the Zoom version.. Here is the manual with DMX chart. http://www.glp.de/in...push&docID=2925 or use the attached file Impression 120RZ RGB Manual V1.5 EN (2).pdf
  3. csylten


    Used the Iphone/ipod remote softwere this weekend on a Leapfrog, it works, but why should it be so hard to use the app when focusing conventional fixtures? Is it possible to add a "focushand" function to the remote software? For example, a numeric keypad to press channel 1-512, and then press "enter" to set the channel to 100% ?? Or/and an "next" and "prew" button to brows between channels?
  4. csylten


  5. csylten


    When I use the offset function the offset is shown in the display as 0-100%... BUT, when I use the shift button at the same time to "fan the offset", I cant read the % of the offset. why?? If I have 4 MH's and put them in 25% offset in fan mode, I have to look at the fixtures to know when they are "about" 25%. and... Is there an "auto-offset" function yet? ex. if I use 4 fixtures in an effect, and I want them to be set to the "perfect" offset for number of picked fixtures, 25%. Insted of manualy press shift, turn the wheel to 25% (if I can see when I reach 25% ofc.), I just set the effect, and press "auto offset", and the frog will do (100% / 4 fixtures = 25% offset) . . . ?
  6. csylten

    LED chase

    Is it possible to make a "chase" or a rnd. chase on a ledbar, using the onboard effect generator? f.ex: put a sine or saw wave on RED1,RED2,RED3 and then set an offset so they go random?

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