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  1. No, this happens consistently with palettes about 8 and above. I name them and save. When I reboot, palettes 8 and above don't have names. The positions are still intact so it is only a minor inconvienience. About the screen copy to memory zero bug. Is there any way to fix it without rebooting the system?
  2. It would be nice to edit the chase speeds live, maybe with the speed control knob. It would also help to be able to control the speed of two chases at the same time. Syncronizing to chases that were in subs would really be nice. I could program them together but I often neeed to run them independently in and out. Add editing the speeds and it gets out of control. Is it possible???
  3. Let me start by saying that I know nothing about programming. I love the palettes but hate that I can't choose just some of the options in the beamshape menu. It would be nice to record just the focus or litho wheel position instead of all the attributes. Would this be possible in future upgrades or is my head in the clouds?
  4. It doesn't keep the tempo going but I had a foot switch made to plug into the audio feed. I just tap the foot switch to keep a chase in tempo. It also provides for a nice work out during a show.
  5. I recently encountered a bug in which when scrolling down my memories the entire screen changed. Each memory name on the screen read the title of one of my other memories. All of the numbering on the left hand side turned to --. The fade times did the same. The screen's background also changed to a yellow color. If I scroll back up past a certain memory everything returned to normal. It wasn't possible to enter threw the last cue and return to the beginning of the list either. Memories 1-18 I think weren't available without this happening! Luckily, the next day I turned it on and it worked fine. I did do a lot of programming earlier in the day, maybe that had something to do with it. Anyone have any ideas? Another note, is a future upgrade in the works to fix the bug that causes the titles of the position palletes to dissapear?
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