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  1. We are using a Bullfrog light desk, it has been installed for approx 4 years. Lately we have begun to notice that several of the sliders intensity bounce between what it is set for and +/- 1. This happens when no one is touching the slides, it just bounces back and forth. Is there some time of maintenance that should be done to the board,i.e. using canned air to blow out the sliders, or some other type of end user maintenance. The other issue this causes is that not all the lights will turn off when the sliders are pulled down all the way. One item to note is that the board is never turned off, should it be?
  2. Is there a way to verify that the DMX plugs are live? We have not used them and the documentation that was left after the installation was complete is not definitive on whether they were ever wired back to our light console.
  3. We have been using the Bull Frog Zero 88 for 3 years now with minimal knowledge of the ability of this board. How can we ensure that some of the DMX output fixtures that are plugged into our catwalk are mapped to our board?
  4. We have a Bull Frog Zero 88 and are about to purchase 4 Selador Vivid 11' fixtures. We recently found the fixture .itf X7 that we were directed to use for the Selador Vivid. However there is not a dimmer control available in the .itf. Are there any new .itfs available for the Selador Vivid for the Bull Frog, or can we create our own?
  5. We are using a BullFrog lighting console and are in the approval process for several Selador/ETC Vivid 11inch fixtures. I found the thread with the profile for the the Selador X7, but it also states that only 3 colors are available. Are there any plans to update the drive to allow all the colors available with the fixture to be used? I believe there are seven available. If not is there another fixture that would be a good match for the Vivid that only used three colors. We are very new to this and have very little training or knowledge. So any help on setting up the fixture, these will be our first DMX lights, would be appreciated. Thom
  6. I would like to add a couple of faders and remove 1 fader from an already programmed submaster. Is this possible? I am using a Bullfrog board in widemode.
  7. We are using a BullFrog with 2 banks of 48 channels or in Wide Mode 96 channels. Our dimmer rack is an ETC SR48+. Each of the faders is assigned to two fixtures/dimmers in the ETC Rack. My question is the same as the one above, I need to split several of these to allow the lights to operate indepently of each other. IE 3left and 3 right are both assigned to fader 18. I would like to assign 3Left to Fader 18 and 3right to Fader 66. Is this possible and if it is do I do it from the BullFrog or the ETC Rack? Thank you in advance. I am new to the lighting arena and have little to now experience. A major breakthrough was just figuring out how to assign faders to a submasters. Update 11/11 I verified last night that the dimmers are actually tied at the ETC rack. When I slide the fader only one of the dimmers i the ETC Rack has a signal light. When I slide up all my faders only 51 of the 96 positions in the rack are lit. does anyone know how to seperate the fixtures that are currently assigned to the same dimmer into a different dimmers in the ETC Rack?
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