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  1. That sounds great, thank you very much! Really hoping ZerOS 8 isn't too far down the road...keep it up, good work!
  2. Hi Laubfrosch, thanks for your advise. You are right this is a workaround and will do for a few fixtures...but i don't think this really a long-term solution, as you said. In case of a few sunstrips that might work - but let's crank up the amount of sunstrips or use something like the clay paky aleda beyes. I'm really looking forward to a software upgrade for this kinde of stuff - prolight & sound fair isn't very far away, maybe there will be some news concerning this issue?
  3. Hi Jon, i'll just push this thread because i'm still interested in the long-term perspective regarding the carallon fixture library or at least a better way to handle fixtures like sunstrips, all the "subfixture-type-fixtures". Secondly maybe the idea with the "pattern generator" is worth noting as a suggestion. I don't know, how do you guys out there tackle the problem to generate chases for subfixture-type-fixtures like Sunstrips Active? I'd love some hints on how to do that usin the effects-section. Thanks very much. Best Regards Mathias
  4. Hi Jon, thank your for the answer, i still appreciate it. Your approach might work if one has only a few suntrips installed...but what about setups with lot's of em, while needing some more pages for your show? I recall something you told last year at the prolight and sound fair in frankfurt about moving to corallon fixture library and making adressing of the subfixture-type-fixtures a lot more easier. Can you give a timeline or at least give a short status update about that? Is this still a path you're following up with FLX and zerOS? Furthermore i'd like to see something like an easy to
  5. Hi Folks, I run into severe Problems while trying to create an Intensity Chase for a Sunstrip active fixture (Unsing the fixture from the library which has Ten subfixtures.) How can i manage to create an Effect with only a Single (random or in sequence) subfixture turned on each step while all others are turned off? Fast help is appreciated, Running the show the upcoming evening. Thanks a Lot!
  6. Thanks a lot, that helps! It would already help if, for instance, the description of the iOS app is updated to also support FLX ;-) Looking forward to the Android remote. Great work!
  7. Hi. Our FLX is getting delivered this week and i reckon i don't have much experience regarding ORB or Solution, so operating a zerOS console is quite new to me. Do you have a release date for the full manual? We have a fairly huge production starting the next week and i'd like to read a little ahead. Maybe a "beta-version" or at least some chapters of the manual are already available? Or maybe something like a "cheat-sheet" for all the keyboard-shortcuts and double button presses? Any help here is much appreciated! Thanks a lot Mathias
  8. Hi. I'm a little confused: is there currently a version of zerOS remote available for the FLX? - for PC? - for iPad? - for Android? Thanks a lot for clarification. It's a bit misleading that the link to zerOS remote on the FLX software download page links to the ORB series. Best Mathias
  9. Hi everyone, a brief question: Is the colourpicker also working with RGBW and RGBWA-fixtures?
  10. Hi, since the full manual is not yet published, we got some questions concerning playbacks and flx. Imagine the following the situation: Programmed Playback 1, Cue 1: Some RGB-LED fixtures @ 100% intensity, Color: red Programmed Playback 2, Cue1: The exact same RGB-LED fixtures @ 100% intensity, Color: blue Sliding Fader 1 up to full, running Playback 1, Cue 1 we see the fixtures light up in red light, just as we expect. Now, touching Fader 2 und sliding up to full running Playback 2, Cue1, what is the result? (note: Fader 1 running Playback 1 Cue 1 is untouched at full out
  11. Thanks a lot for implementing the MIDI show control functionality. We used this in our recent production in late 2010 and it worked like a charm!
  12. You're right. Metering is compulsory and will be done in any case. But the problem is that the sirius desk is "out of reach" now and by the time the event takes place i'd like to be prepared to lose as few time as possible. Is there a standard pinout for analogue outputs of zero88 consoles or at least for the sirus supposed it is standard and not manually customized?
  13. Hello! I have got the following problem: In an old venue a Sirius 24 lighting desk (don't know which revision) is installed and connected to dimmers via the 25-pin Sub-D analogue out. Unfortunately I can't access the console at the moment to figure out the pinout - which channel is what pin and which one is earth. To provide you some background information: Since this Desk has no DMX-Interface we want to utilize a simple 72 chan. Demux called "Botex DMX Multiexchanger" to connect our Jester to the Dimmers. And since we don't know what dimmers are installed, we try to conclude from th
  14. Hello! An additional question occurred while experimenting with jester and MIDI: It seems that the crossfaderate you can control with the velocity value only uses a very small range (values 1-10 of velocity) rather than the full range (0-127). Therefore gradual fades are very complicated to realize, a value of 1 means a rather slow fade while a value of 6 is nearly snap-characteristic. (a little bit exaggerated, just to demonstrate). The granularity is imho much to imprecise. Is this the way it is thought to be? A velocity value between 10 and 127 almost makes no difference at all?
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