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  1. Hi, Could someone tell me how to I could program down to parameter level in 10.9 before I upgrade? In the release currently installed I can do this by holding down the wheel group button, which changes the info displayed for each parameter as "--", and then adjusting the attribute wheels to select which parameters I do want to record. It's probably me and my 'man eyes' not seeing something that is very clearly stated in the manual Cheers
  2. Hi, I appreciate what the desk is capable of and how far purely software development has brought it - I hope you hadn't misconstrued my posts as undermining this. Nor do I have a problem that the channel flash buttons have two functions. It was just an example that if a flash button could have two uses then logic would suggest that a sub needn't be just a sub. Cheers Nick
  3. Hi, No, I wouldn't have to remember what fixtures are programmed on that submaster as they are all programmed onto there. I don't know if this has any bearing but I'm not physically raising any submasters to select attributes, just using the flash buttons in the same way that macros can be fired from sub flash buttons on a 520. The only raised submasters are controlling dimmers and fixture intensity. I think what I'm after, ideally, is a palette which can have colour and beamshape and position to do away with the need to flick between palettes. I think this has requested before but isn't feasible. Yes you're right, using the subs in this way does defeat the point of them being subs in the usual sense, but it does allow various attributes to be accessed from the same page. I guess you could apply the same logic and say that having the palette select buttons defeats the point of having channel flash buttons. Of course this isn't true, it's just that the hardware has more than one function. So in this case, then yes these are submasters, but I'm not using them as submasters. Cheers Nick
  4. Hi, When I'm running a show I hate having to swap between the colour, beamshape and position palettes so tend to put these attributes (6 of each and 6 for generic channels) onto subs. The problem with this is that (unlike using the palettes where the fixture select buttons choose what info is sent to what fixture) the sub changes the attributes in the fixtures that were tagged when the sub was recorded. Yes I know this how subs work but I would like the flexibility to choose which fixtures are controlled by the sub ie only washes, only spots, odd fixtures, even fixtures, all fixtures etc etc. For example: Sub 24 contains only colour data, with a mixture of washes and spots fixtures tagged and all these fixtures in red. It would be great to use the fixture select buttons to filter which fixture has its colour changed by sub 24. So my request is for the ability to use the fixture select buttons to 'filter' the attribute data on the subs onto the selected fixtures. What does anyone else think? Nick
  5. Hi, I have created some colour palettes that include both our Entours and washes. When recording the palette all Entours and all washes were tagged. If I select just the washes then select the palette, the washes change - ditto for the Entours: So far, so good: I can be flexible with what fixtures change colour. I am running a page of submasters with 6 subs each of intensity, position, beamshape and colour. I have selected my red colour palette (again with all Entours and all washes tagged) and then recorded that palette data to a submaster (colour att button then program). However, when I select this sub the colours change in all the fixtures that were tagged when the sub was plotted, regardless of which fixtures are selected. So I have two questions: One, what am I doing wrong? Two, if I'm not doing anything wrong is there a way I can select colour atts using the subs but only changing the colour in the fixtures I have selected not the ones that were in the original palette? Surely I don't have to record two lots of colour atts onto the subs, one lot for spots and one lot for washes, do I? I hope that's clear enough for someone to help me out Nick
  6. 'ello I checked the fixtures last night and the shortcut was off so I can't say for sure what the problem was. I'd be interested to try and reproduce the problem using our 520 to see if it is a Mac bug. I've overcome the problem though by reprogramming (using Phantom Frog - grrrrrr*) the colour subs using the stepped scroll part of the colour att. Got there in the end! Cheers Nick *Monitor not big enough, buttons too small. A bit like reading Ceefax through fog from 100 feet. At night.
  7. Hi Peter, I have managed to change the behaviour of some of the subs by rounding the DMX value of the fine colour channel up or down, but I'll have a look at the fixtures tonight. Cheers Nick
  8. Um... not as far as I know but would that explain the differing behaviour that's occuring? Wouldn't it be a case of either fading or snapping, not both. Cheers Nick
  9. Nope - they're all set to snap and all the LTP fades are 0. Cheers Nick
  10. All the colours I have used are within the continuous 'range' of the colour att (0-143) so perhaps the subs which do snap are an anomaly. Maybe I should have just done it properly in the first place and used the stepped scroll instead. :oops: Cheers Nick
  11. Hi, I'm setting up a default show on our Bullfrog and am putting the colour attributes of our Mac 250 Entours onto the subs. This works fine but I have problems when I flash through the colours sequentially (ie working my way around the colour wheel.) The transitions between some of the adjacent colours are snaps and some are slow 'fades'. I have managed to sort out some of the subs by taking notice of the DMX output of the colour atts, especially the fine channel and rounding them up or down (eg 86-0 instead of 86-114) but this hasn't worked every time. Has anyone else experienced this or have any tips? Cheers Nick
  12. Oh that's a shame Thanks for your help anyway.
  13. Hi, It is a transferred memory I've got on the sub. Now... What if I wanted to plot a memory consisting of two chases from subs plus some generic washes also from subs. Thanks again
  14. Hi there I am in need of some help with what must be a very simple problem. All I want to do is plot a chase from a sub onto a memory. All the memory contains at the moment is the step that the chase was at when I hit the program button. There must be someone out there who can help this idiot in distress. Cheers
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