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  1. Hi There! Please Help! My Zero88 Fat Frog has started to play up. It seems to be fine with intelligent fixtures, but it randomly flashes parcans (at low intensity - 1-3%) that HAVENT been programmed into the chase/scene. Occasionally by fading up the effected par can channels it 'comes right' and about 40% intensity - but goes crazy again when faded down to less than 40% I have reset the desk, cleared all the subgroups, and reassigned all the fixtures with no change to the problem. I have also upgraded to the latest firmware, which hasn’t helped. The desk is also regularly ‘crashing’. Particularly when editing chases. The subgroup 'page numbers' on the VGA display (at the bottom) seem to be flashing randomly. And depending on the subgroup page selected the Override Speed control works intermittintly. The dimmer side and the intellegents are all proven to be working fine. Up until now I have had no problem with this brilliant desk - but support in my country is poor. I have the serial numbers available if needed. I'm also very happy to send pics/videos/voltage/current information if it will help. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
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