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  1. ok. I'd have thought full was better but there you go.


    is there a bad thing about partial mode or is it just seperate the LTP against the HTP? If I program a sub in partial with some fixtures at 100% in brightness (the HTP channel) then would that be included or do I need to 'tag' them?


    we group them as its easier to control 4 and they are paired up (as in opposite sides of the stage, in a symmetrical shape) so its a lot easier. there is no real reason why we'd want to seperate them to do individual effects.


    the chroma's are also paired :)



  2. Hi,


    I know this Q has probably been asked lots of times before but I was wondering if you could give me an indication to whether you think partial or full mode would be better for my fat frog for this event?


    We've got 8 MAC500s, but they're paired up (one set has tilt/pan mirrored), so its only 4 fixtures. We've also got 2 Chromabanks, I think set to a mode with 9 parameters.


    We've also got 39 generic channels.


    We'd like to be able to program chases using both intelligent and generic fixtures although we'd like to be able to FROG the pan/tilt sometimes. We'll also be using the cue stack to create about 50 or 60 cues, of which 40 will be chases using the intelligents and generics. In the non-chase cues the macs will just sit still and not change (or will, but it'll be a snap change that'll happen and then stay there (ie, cue after a chase)).


    We'd also like to use submasters for some of the most useful presets/chases (ie, working lights and a few presets on submasters, plus houselights (which use 3 of 39 channels) on a sub. We'd also like a few simple mac chases in the subs.


    So, I'd lean towards full, but I understand programming generic-only subs in full mode is not possible, without having to define the mover's attributes (as we'd sometimes be using more than one sub at a time).




  3. hi,


    i asked about it in the other zero88 products section of the board, and the general consensus was that there isn't a good way to do it, I spoke to Keith and the only way to do it really would need 2 submasters per channel you'd want to control :o


    hopefully this is something that can be sorted out so it works :) useful :)

  4. after finding out its very hard to setup a channel on the frog to be 'switchable' I'd suggest a function for that which would allow it to be easily done. it may require quite a lot of code I don't know, but if you can set a channel to switchable from the patch or superuser system that'd be great.


    at least a fixture that'd allow on/off switching only would be good (or one that controls 6 channels and allows 6 on-off switches) as it wouldn't use too many fixture slots then.




  5. hi,


    I am wanting an example show to play around with and to train my sub-techies with. We're using 4 MAC 500s (paired up) and 2 ChromaBanks (paired up too). plus about 18 channels of generics (12 pars, rest profiles/fresnels and a few floods).


    if someone could send me a show with a few cues/chases etc that would be grand. if you pm me for email address so the spam bots don't find it on the forums.



    Ben M

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