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  1. Hi All I need some help to create a fixture file for this Lamp. I have made a file with all 29 dmx address. But since this lamp has 4 moving heads I have a problem. The tool will only allow me to have one pan/tilt but i need 4 ? Can any one help to solve this issue. br Teis MS_lighting_LED4BEAM_RGBW_LC.pdf mslighting.ift
  2. Hi All I have a LED moving head from MS Lighting. I have used the Fixture editor to make the file. But i can not get the color and dimmer part to function. Is there a template files that is good to use to start with ? Here is the link to the lamp.. http://www.mslighting.com.cn/ProductShow.asp?ID=538 And I have attached the user manual and my fixture file.. All help is more then welcome.. br Teis MHLED3641Z1.pdf mslightning.ift
  3. Teis Karstens

    Software version 4.3.0 hangup

    Hi all I have a problem with a FROG 2 running software version 4.3.0. Then I save a show to a USB stick the FROG 2 hangup, and the only way to get the desk runing again is to cut power and turn on again. Regards Teis

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