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  1. Hi Andy, In the Common Fixture Manager you can have a maximum of 20 fixture personalities. If you go into the Common fixture template that you get when you download the Zero88 fixture library and delete some of the personalities that you do not require, by 'right clicking' and select 'delete', you can then 'right click' and 'insert' personalities that you have made. You can also 'insert' the appropriate personality from the Zero88 Library by selecting that file instead. Then save the file to your floppy and load it into your FatFrog. Hope this helps mate. Gordo
  2. Hi Kari, The latest Library (v21) has the Coemar Infinity Spot S (8 and 16) in it. Make sure you have the latest Library in the console. http://support.zero88.com/main/en/download/367 Hope this helps
  3. At Clearlight Shows in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia we have 2 x FatFrog 1 x LeapFrog 1 x BullFrog 1 x Frog2 1 x LeapFrog 96 for hire and productions. P.S. Love the LeapFrog96 EDIT: As well as... 1 x Elara 12/24 1 x Elara 24/48 1 x Jester 12/24 2 x Jester 24/48 1 x Jester ML 1 x Jester ML24
  4. 1 = 1 2 = 2 3 = 3 4 = 4 5 = 5 6 = 6 7 = 7 8 = 8 9 = 9 0 = 0 Thru = / Except = - And = + Enter = Enter Backspace = Backspace I couldn't find @. It would be great to have * as @ then I can keep my hand over that side of the board and not have to shift.
  5. Hi J, The fixture personality you have is fine but it is just that, a personality. To be able to put it onto your Fat Frog you need to add it into a common fixture template, a 'cft' file. Once you have done this using the Common Fixture Manager you can put it onto a disc and then onto your Fat Frog. Just remember that you need to put the other fixtures you are using onto the 'cft' as well. You can have a maximum of 20 personalities on the one 'cft' and only one 'cft' in the Fat Frog at a time. Hopefully that helps.
  6. Hello Sicole, It shouldn't matter which USB port you use. Does the desk boot up properly afterwards, even though it should be in the update software? Have you downloaded the new There was an older update that didn't work. When you install the program on your USB, does a box appear saying something about making a partition or something (I cant remember exactly what it asks)? You need to say yes as some USB sticks are not recognised by the desk unless this has been done. After that it should work. If it doesn't try using another USB pen drive and do all that same things. I hope this helps.
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