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  1. dont forget that with the indexing function on rotating gobo's that they often also use the gobo rotation channel to set the index. Robe's Scan range - Click me to get a list of scan's, and their dmx attribute list
  2. It wasnt my intention to question competency; more to highlight school kids who have only known one desk tend to have an affinity with that desk that they learnt on; whereas someone coming from a different background will not necessarily be able to transfer as easily.
  3. fair enough; I honestly didn't realise that the series has been discontinued.
  4. it would probably help if you included some examples of what you are confused by, and what you are looking to do. Sadly if you make throw-away comments about schoolboys, half of essex is going to come and duck you in a duck-like fashion. Seriously though - it is a pretty simple interface to use for generic programming. Set faders, select memory/sub, press program. My only gripe is that it is a bit too easy to clear a memory/sub out. although I am surprised you don't get on with a frog. Granted the memory recording section in the manual is next to useless, and was probably written by
  5. thanks for the info, I shall check the S / F paramaters, I have a feeling that overlooking this will probably be the cause of a few issues. on a side note: It seems like zero88 are just pushing for the frog 2 to be purchased rather than satisfy current customers :/
  6. ola, I'm looking for some help with the movers I am using. I am really hoping that the desk supports some feature like undo, or release for moving lights - ie: once I have moved/changed a position - releasing fixtures doesn't seem particularly straight-forward. I used home in conjunction with palette, but that clears, rather than undoes/removes changes. Briefly: if I moved a mover from dark blue/triangle gobo to pink, home-colour sends my colour data to open, rather than back to dark blue.. This may not be so much of an issue with a colour wheel, but programming in partial mode, it mean
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