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  1. Cool I'll download now, got next weeks how to program so i'll let you know how i get on Nathan
  2. Hi I was wondering when ZerOS V5.0 will be avaiable? I see the release notes are up on the product support pages but the download is still only for 4.4.4 Nathan
  3. Hi peter thanks for that seems to work a treat Nathan
  4. Is there a setting for telling the desk (and colour picking ) that i'm only using RGB fixtures? I've just created some RGB fixtures, with RGB on the wheel goup. When i load them on the desk the wheels become CMY. Any ideas? Nathan
  5. Tested the theory on the phatom taking from the Frog2 to to the leap48 all was successful, got the show file on my stick will try it in the physical desk later on Nathan
  6. Hi peter, Just thinking arround this would it be possible to create the effect on PhantomFrom in frog2 mode then import this back into the Leapfrog48? Nathan
  7. Hi Peter That makes sense, I'll head down that route. Is this a function that could arrive in later version of the softwear? Nathan
  8. Hi there, I'm a new user to Zero 88 products just come from the world of Pulsar MasterPieces to a Leap Frog 48 Having used the desk for a couple of days would like to know how i can go about programing my own effects. Would like to write some for the colour wheel of some Absract VRX units. none of the inbuilt colour effects show as avaiable to them Thanks for your time Nathan
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