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  1. Excellent, thank you. And just to be sure, I have to save the current show to a floppy disk before installing the upgrade? And then I can reload the whole show and it'll mostly be the same after the upgrade?
  2. hi, stupid question, but i can't find the answer - i want to upgrade fat frog software to 10.9 and there are no instructions contained in the zip file or manual that i have (manual refers me to the software package).... how do i proceed? And secondly, will the programming of memories, submasters, etc that are in the desk already be retained? Thnaks in advance Brian
  3. Hi, this is related to my previous post... what seems to be happening is that when I follow the instructions to programme a chase into a clear memory, (ie. select a memory and hold down scene/chase button for 1 second to light the chase led), once the chase led lights, a chase begins, which may or may not be related to the previous non-blank memory? Should this happen? And how do I stop it? I may be completely misunderstanding the whole memory thing, but essentially, all I want to do is programme a few usable chases and assign them to submasters for easy dj use. Thanks in advance for your time & help. Brian
  4. hi, i am trying to programme a chase into a memory and there seem to be 3 generic channels with brightness up (at variable levels) when i push up playback master - there are no generic channel faders up, and i have tried untagging all the generic channels using wheelgroup+a/b masters... i am hoping that someone can suggest what may be causing this and how to remedy it thanks brian
  5. Thanks for the reply - should I be looking on the desk or the fixtures for the 2 different values (rotating / index)?
  6. Hi, am i right in thinking that when I set a gobo (including rotation position) with an absolute value that the gobo should return to the same position? Its programmed onto a submaster if that makes any difference. I am finding that my gobos do not return to the exact orientation which is not really suitable for a text gobo. Is there anything I should look at? The fixtures are robe moving heads (possibly clubscans?) Thanks Brian
  7. Hi, I'm wondering if its possible to program a submaster to run through a range of values, for instance, can I assign gobo only to a submaster with a start value of 0 (fader fully down) and an end value of 85 (or whatever) when its a maximum (fader fully up) and if so how would I do this? Thanks Brian
  8. Hi, I'm a new user and I'm wondering if anyone can explain the different uses of scenes vs memories, vs programming straight onto submasters? The manual mentions scenes and memories, but as a novice i'm not sure what they for. And any useful shortcuts / tips would be great too! thnaks Brian
  9. Hi, I'm a new user and I'm trying to get my head round the Fat Frog in a hurry. It seems the easiest way to do what I want is to program submasters with a state (for robe movers). I have figured out how to include the gobo (they weren't resetting, because of the tagging - thanks forum!), but what was a simple fader (submaster) before that also controlled brightness as well as colour, etc (ie. 0% was dark, 100% up full brightness) no longer fades the heads when I pull it back. Where am I going wrong? I have figured out how to edit the fade / skip (?) parameters for colour, brightness and gobo in the intervening time too - would this be whats causing it? Help much apprecciated... Thanks Brian
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