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  1. My theater recently purchased an American DJ Mega Strobe DMX (2 channel 1-Speed/2-Intensity) to replace an old failed non-DMX strobe. I have created the fixture in the fixture manager and have sucessfully loaded and operated the strobe with the board. My question is this... Using a Leapfrog, can i operate both speed and intensity from two wheels at the same time? Currently i have to operate intensity from the brightness function and speed from the beanshape function. It would be nice to control both at the same time instead of having to switch back and forth to control one then the other. I.E. assign speed to the thumb wheel and intensity to the first finger wheel on the same screen. Thanks
  2. I have tried three other disks (different manufacturers, new/old) and the write tab and still the same issue. The theater has been open just over 3 years so we are just passed our 3 year warranty. Seems like thats always the case with these sorts of things. Guess it's time to break out the old screwdriver. I'll try the ribbon and power cables before swapping out drives. thanks for the tips.
  3. I am the technical director at a small theater in California and we are using a Leap Frog. I am needing to update the OS (currently running 9.8.1) and add some new fixture types, when i try to format a disk in the desk i get an "Error While Formatting Disk" message. I also get a "No Disk In Drive" error when attempting to save the current show to disk. When attempting to format a disk when i hit enter (to begin the format) the drive powers on and i can hear it opening the cover on the disk then nothing for a few seconds then the above mentioned message. It seems like this is a dead 3.5" drive. I am looking for confirmation on this before i pull the desk apart and replace the drive. Could it posibly be a bad cable? I'm hoping this is an easy fix as our theater's production schedule really wont allow for the desk to be out for service for more than 3-4 days. I have serial number and bios/software information handy if needed. Thanks. -Chris
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