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  1. Okay...thanks, I just got this board and I feel as if everything I want it to do, I need the Leap Frog. Oh well the woes of working in a city building.
  2. I just got myself an iphone and ran across this program from the app store. I asked my installer if this would work with my current system, which is a bullfrog, and he wasn't sure. What I want to know is if I set my moving lights using this program, and then hit program is it going to save it? Can the bullfrog do this even if this program can't? Thanks for any insight into this.
  3. Okay maybe it's me, but the wheels on my bullfrog seem to be super sensitive, is there a way to adjust this. I'm trying to use a LED curtain, and I need to adjust by increments of one. Is there a way to adjust this, or do I need to get more sensitive. Thanks
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