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  1. Hi, I am just looking at some new Showtec Indigo 4500'd with the 60w led source. Has anyone done a fixture file yet?
  2. Hi, I have programmed a chase into a submaster. When I go to run mode and activate the sub, it only outputs the first step. If I turn the chase speed down to click off, the up again, the chase starts up. Is this correct??? Best wishes Jon
  3. Hi, I am just playing with the PhantomTL. How do you do commands like Thru on the keyboard? Jon
  4. True, but the new user wouldn't need the advance features, as he wouldn't be at the level in his learning curve, to even know of their existance? Ref the saturday night tv, I meant, 'what could I do with 4 250w heads and an ML now i have got them'. The guys on the BR sure got their backs up about the top moving light programmers! Its not all about your programming skills either, you need the creativity first, and thats the hardest thing. Many years ago, before the invention of the moving head as we know it, a guy who was overwhelmed by the technical directions his production was movin
  5. I thought you might say that! I take your point about keeping the user interface clean and simple, and also there needs to be boundarys where one product ends and another starts. I know the education market very well, and Zero is very well reputed there. Where do you see JesterML's place in the market? Now you have discontinued the Fat frog, the option is Jester, or Leap frog (more money) Jester fits well into Junior schools, or secondary school drama studios, but one problem is Jester's physical size. When specifying a desk for a Secondary school hall, or a college / uni, they expect some
  6. Hi, I have just been playing around with the JesterML V2.0 for a few days. When using moving lights, is there a way to 'auto move when dark' (I am a usual Strand genius programmer!) If not, could this be included in future software releases? Its really time consuming to have to put in extra cues to set up the moving lights prior to fading them up. Also, is there a way to automatically trigger the next cue after a time delay? All these things do without the need to keep hitting the go button between main show cues?
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