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    Chilli fault

    We have just acquired and installed a 24 x 10A Chilli dimmer in our theatre. It came out of a corporate install and is probably in excess of 10 years old. On initial test after install everything seemed to be working fine, but the tech in with the current show advises that channels 11 and 12 stop working after about an hour or so - they seem to just not come on whereas the other channels seem to work fine. The faulty channels don't need to be on for this time for the fault to appear - in fact they are mostly off. Given the time factor it sounds like it could be a thermal issue of some kind, or possibly a driver fault if the drivers run in pairs. Any pointers as to what to check first? Thanks. Jason.
  2. Hi, Someone somehow has managed to bend a couple of the faders on preset b of our BullFrog. One of them now doesn't work and I would like to replace them, so have a couble of questions: How can we get hold of a couple of replacment faders, and how much would they be? How easy are they to get at to replace (mechanical disassembly etc) How much would it cost to get them replaced at a repair agent? I'm very handy with a screwdriver and a soldering iron, but short of time! I would happily undertake it but don't want to open up the desk then find I need to do masses of disassembly just to get at the damn things! Any guidance gratefully received (PM if appropriate). Thanks and regards Jason Technical Director Pump House Theatre
  3. I have just tried to load from v19 of the fixture library onto my BullFrog. I formatted the disk in the desk, transferred it to a PC with the unzipped, filtered v19 library file on it and copied the file onto the disk in the root directory. I put the disk back in the desk, went to load up and it found the file quite happily and read from the disk, I could scroll through the manufacturers, and through the individual fixtures under the manufacturers, but when I went to load anything it said 'no fixture data' What have I done wrong? The disk also has a custom fixture file I created for an LEDJ SpectraBatten and this worked fine. Thanks, Jason
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