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  1. Cheers Peter hadn't noticed that DOH!
  2. Hi can't seem to change the memory type on our Fat Frog from Scene to Chase is there something that could be preventing this?
  3. Thanks Peter sorry to be a pain but I have another query. When using the Chroma Q DB4 in control mode 1 (we have 4 DB4 colour blocks), I only have control of the last LED group on the 4th block. Under the Colour attribute on the desk I have Intensity Hue Saturation for groups 1-12 on the block but then it goes to: Fan Group Speed IntFX Range Step Int Fan then it goes back to Intensity Hue Saturation for 16 -20 but only 16 has any effect controlling the last LED group on the 4th block. Fan Group Speed IntFX Range Step Int Fan are also on the Beamsha
  4. In the fixture library 19 under Chroma Q there's Cascade (Creative), Cascade (Library), Rotator 1ch and Rotator 2ch. What are they and how are they used?
  5. I updated our desk with software version 10.9 and then added then added the DB4's successfully
  6. The ift file was in the root directory of the disk but it could be that the name was too long as I think our current software version is 9.2. Will download the new file and try again on Monday when I'm back in work
  7. I have tried formatting the disk in the Desk but will give it another go and let you know how I get on. Thanks for those instructions Have tried formatting a brand new disk in the desk and copying the files to it but the desk still isn't finding the file on the disk
  8. Hi there we have recently acquired some ChromaQ Colorblock DB4 lights, I have been trying to assign these as fixtures on our Fat Frog desk. I have download the most recent fixture library 19 from here http://support.zero88.com/main/en/product/9. and unzipped it I placed the lft file on a floppy disk and then tried to assign the fixtures from this disk but the desk isn't finding any fixture files on the disk. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Also our desk doesn't appear to have the latest firmware on it so I download the Frog Series Operating Software Release 10.9 but am unsure
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