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  1. wyatt20019

    Elation Vision 575

    i recently aquired 2 elation vision 575 OLD square looking ones. does anyone know where i could find the user manual so i can make a profile? or does anyone have the profile or manual. elation doesnt have it right now. any help would be apreciated.
  2. wyatt20019

    light dimmers

    k, we hve 6 Elation CMY zooms, 3 on each side of our balcony. the lights work on one side but do not on the other. what is the best way to test a dimmer in a dimmer rack. any help is greatly apreciated.the cmy's are hooked up to dimmers i think the dimmer is bad.
  3. wyatt20019

    Programming Elation Power/Design Wash 250's

    k. we have two elation design wash 250's and someone else programed the into the board. whenever we go to adjust the tilt it runs a program or something...... PLEASE help.
  4. wyatt20019

    Training in U.S.

    where are training places in the u.s. i am interested in taking one.
  5. wyatt20019

    Programming Elation Power/Design Wash 250's

    k, we have 2 elation designwash 250's and if you go to adjust the pan or tilt on the board they like run a program. pleaase help!!!
  6. wyatt20019

    Confusion for Theatre people..

    i easily learned how to operate the board and im only 13. ever thought maybeee its just an operator error?????
  7. to program intelligents do i put the whole fixture file onto the floppy disk. will the floppy have all the programing on it. what are the steps. i am programing elation power wash 250's? what do i do?
  8. wyatt20019

    Elation trackpods

    can someone make the fixture for me. im not sure how to use the program. you can get the dmx channel lineup from elations webstite. its under LED lighting. i would prefer the full use one, thanks.

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