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  1. As I suspected - thanks for the explanation!
  2. Fat Frog - I record a state on a sub, then use that sub in various memories. I then edit the sub - is it possible to have the updated sub state updated in the memories? (e.g. I want to pre-program all the memory cues using subs ahead of time, then just edit the subs, and the memories would then follow / match the subs? Possible?
  3. ee61re

    FatFrog - submasters output onto Memory

    Thanks Paul - its just generics in the rig tonight, but will bear that in mind for the future. Rob
  4. OK, so I'm pretty sure I know the answer, I just need confirmation. FatFrog, going to setup various states on the faders, then save them to subs. I then want to use those subs to setup a state, then save that overall state (made up of subs) onto a scene memory. I assume that just works, right? That the scene memory will record the output of the subs? Rob
  5. ee61re

    LEDJ 252

    I think I just created my first fixture file. LEDJ 252 RGB panel. I use a Fat Frog, so I guess the details I've added into the fixture are of no use to me, but if anyone else happens to be able to make use of them, then great. Rob LEDJ_252.ift

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