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  1. How about pressing Fixtures and colour, beamshape or position? Josh
  2. Last week I was programming a show on a ML48, it struck me that to select a fixture, edit an attribute and then do the same for a 2nd fixture (different attribute, same page) requires a large number of button pushes. In this show, I wasn't using pallets at all and it seems strange to not be able to always be able to display fixtures when on the Position, Beamshape and Colour Pages. Would it be possible to (perhaps by pushing Shift + Fixtures) to lock the fixtures pages into view when editing attributes. Josh
  3. It cant be that hard to do a similar thing to how its done on a Fat Frog? Add an extra column for trigger and dwell and all is dandy. Could this also be done on the normal Jesters too? Please? Josh
  4. That is perfect for what I need. Thanks. Josh
  5. To be honest this doesn't seem the best way to do it. I have hired a ML24 for a week and need 28 generic channels it seems a shame to waste 4 fixtures for these it would be easier for me if it treated the external channels in the same way as the internal generic channels when it comes to fade times. Can I ask why it is done that way? Josh
  6. When the inputed universe is recorded to a memory do those channels keep the same fade times as those on the ML24 as the manual implies it just snaps them up. Josh
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