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  1. Hey, trying to organise a custom fixture for the old Fat Frog to run some LEDs; Where might I find a download for the fixture editor software? Thanks Sam Mence Creative Ambiance Stage Technologies NZ
  2. Hey, I have a Fat Frog at the venue my latest show is in. It's largely running fine, however it loses nearly all of it's settings every time we power cycle it. I haven't tested it excessively due to time restraints, but I know it forgets memories 90% of the time, time and date, and lock code, although patch settings are fine. I have been saving the show to floppy and reloading it any time the desk gets rebooted, so it's not the end of the world, but I'd really like to avoid losing the entire show immediately after a late night lighting plot again... Is there an internal battery that needs to be replaced perhaps? Thanks Sam Mence Creative Ambiance Stage Technologies NZ
  3. I was browsing the settings today through super user and for some reason had a peek at 'desk defaults'... turns out my version of the desk OS has a y/n setting for remote switches in desk defaults... All good now... controlling the desk with 6 buttons over 30m of ethernet cable... Thanks for making the desk so upgradeable by the way... with remote, and fixture updates and customization... And I couldn't live without the vga monitor... I have to disagree with everyone who thinks they are hard to use as well... Thanks SMence
  4. i wired up a jiffy box with a whole lot of actuators which my multimeter says works, but it won't trigger the desk... help Thanks SMence
  5. so how is the din wired? does it look for connection between pins(use a relay), or do you need to chuck 12v into it(use transistors) or what? Thanks SMence
  6. Thanks for that... Thanks SMence
  7. SAME HERE!!! I also have to commend designers for allowing additional fixture libraries... Suddenly I want to do Macbeth with a series of XSpot eXtremes... Zero88 to the rescue...
  8. Fat Frog used in Birkenhead College, New Zealand... used for the primary (and only) lighting control for our theatre... gets a workout annually for our production... I still haven't driven it to full capacity though... we only have 3 3phase plugs... Thanks SMence
  9. I am the light tech for our school in NZ. We have a Fat Frog which has served us well recently, however the lock code was changed at some point during it's life... The guy who changed it has forgotten and now left the school. Is there a way to reset it? Thanks SMence
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