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  1. stuartsl

    Frog 2

    Heya, I'm Using a Frog 2 for the first time, and i'm tryin to patch my fixtures, i've added them in the add fixture screen, but when i go to patch them in the patch, outputs screen none of my fixtures show up in any of the 4 universes, and do i can't patch them, i've tried loads of things but get them to show up, Does anybody know what i'm doing wrong?? Thanks Stuart
  2. Heya, i'm using the phantom frog just to get to grips with it again before i use it in a show in a few weeks time, but i want to patch the desk i.e dmx channels, fixtures, generics etc now i've done this on the phantom frog, is ther anyway of saving this onto a floppy disc which i can then insert into the real desk once i get into the venue, so alot of the work is already done! i've gone to super user mode and tried to save the show on the floppy but nothing appears on the floppy thats in the drive? is this just a virtual thing on the phantom? help! Thanks Stuart
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