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  1. thanks Paul, I thought I was doing something wrong, I guess for the time being I need to downgrade the box and desk to a version lower than 10.8? first I'll try some basic scenes with the MACs using the built in movement effects. Thanks again for your help. sog.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, How Do I get memories programed on a fat frog (v10.9) to work on a Frog Box (v10.9)? the generics work fine on their own as scenes but when i run a chase everything seems to recieve dmx 0 (all generics go off and mac 250's point at ceiling with no light) I'm sure it's me overlooking something simple but have read both manuals and the release notes to no avail. thanks in advance. sog.
  3. hey fellow froggers, recently started using the fat frog desk, this forum has been invaluable in getting my head round the desk. thank you all!!!! ive now started to try and use the frogbox to replay shows but it seems every time i call a chase memory the mac's go to 0 (pan tilt etc) and all the generics also got to 0, scene memories all seem fine. I have updated both the desk and box to 10.9, didnt use the box before this, is there anything i need to do to the box to get this working? (ie set up fixtures?) in the frog box manual (issue 4c) it seems you can run chase memories, tho I cant get it working!? cheers, sog

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