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    Forcing values

    Yes, I know. Unfortunatly, it's the only option I have. I will try some programming tricks. At least it's quite durable. Thanks!
  2. Oge

    Forcing values

    Wow, sorry. That must been a very confusing post. What I meant, can you force one of the preset faders to be either 100% or 0%? Doesn't has to be one of the preset faders, just so that I can control that channel X can only be 100% or 0%.
  3. I'm preparing for a show, and we have a lamp that has an engine. I have to control this from the FatFrog, but I would like to ensure that it's either 100% or 0%, so I don't damage the engine. Is this some way possible on a FatFrog? (It doesn't receive and DMX-signal, only current) /0
  4. Crap. Thanks for the quick reply nevertheless! This leads me to a second question; if I, for instance, want to use the beat from an instrument to flash a armature, how do I do this? The way I see it, you plug the audio into the desk and make a chase with bass as drive. But then, the armature won't flash, it will simply stay alight until a new beat comes and then it will switch off. So it will take two beats to make it flash. Perhaps you can fix this by using an echo-effect or something similar, but still, it would be easier to do it with the desk. (Anyway, in my case it will be) Any ideas?
  5. As the topic says, is it possible to have different drives for different steps in a chase? From what I've gathered, I guess not, but it would be really helpful if possible! Thanks in advance!
  6. Yes, the part of vari sounds logical (which I kinda expect from someone working with this ). I can also add that I made an own mp3-file with only bass-beat and it worked correctly, though a bit high in frequency. Which leads me to my new question, what frequencies does it pick up? I got a program generating frequencies and I can plug it in to the board and find out, though I thought if someone knew... But thanks for the enlightment!
  7. Ah, true. We think we got it to work. Still, we think we have some interference with the audio. Is it possible to set the sensitivity inside the board? We thought of sending the audio signal through a gate and cut out some sound under a certain Db, but we don't know if this will work. Any other ideas? Oh, and what's the difference between Vari and Bass? And in what frequency-interval does it react?
  8. I have a very vague memory that you can shut the shutter between changes, though I don't remember how or if it was the board or the fixture. About the colour-blending, my guess is that if it can be done, your best shot is the washes. We have two rather cheap spots and one rather cheap wash and the wash can do it, but not the spots. Just make sure it's correctly patched and assigned and the right mode, or you might get the wrong/fewer options. Or, look at the manual to the lamp (usually the best way).
  9. I've been trying to figure out how to get the lights to move, change colour, flash, etc, accordingly to audio, and today I found that this is only possible with the Bull Frog, while we have a Fat Frog. Still, the board has an audio input. Now I wonder, what's it for? In the manual it just has some specifications for it (as far as I can see). Can you do something with it? Or is it just for the boards own amusement?
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