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  1. you have to set your console at [sUPER USER]->[DESK SETUP]->[PROGRAM MODE] Mode: Partial Position:All then You can program the movments transparently to the submaster. (look out for the Lamp on Brightness,Color and Beamshape Button it's off ) otherwise hold it 2sec to turn them off, same with the moving heads(fixtures) that wouldn't be programmed
  2. 1. I can't see the result's off my work. 2. i want to programm it with scripts like following newStep()=$Step1; $Step1 { setValue.Fixture[1].Color=255; setChannelTo(23)=255; } something like that. so i can do more with copy 'n paste or only a console to get a directly access to the values.
  3. I've got a Leap Frog console and i want to write some light shows offline. can you tell me a way to do that ? not the Phantom frog thats not what i prefer. otherwise, maybe you can tell me the specificatons of the isf file so i can write a programm for.
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