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  1. You would have to clear the channel/fixture that is currently assigned to 048, then you can assign 048 to a different channel/fixture. To do this, select the channel which is currently assigned to 048 in the manual patch, highlight 048 and press the clear button. Then you can assign 048 to the channel or fixture you want. The other option is to clear the dmx completely, and start from scratch. You can do this with the '"Clear DMX Patch" option in the patch menu. This would require you to setup all channels again though, for both regular channels and your fixtures.
  2. MS-100 Master-Station Einkanal-Hauptstation, 19" Mit Anschluß für Racklights, 12 V Zigarettenanzünder, auch als Handy-Lader geeignet, mit Fach für Zigaretten/Handy. 8)
  3. Alright, alright, I'll translate. Sheesh, Don't you guys get dutch at school? We learn english... I've programmed the reset command of my moving heads in my memory, so they now reset after each step. How can I get rid of this? (My moving heads are assigned to fixture buttons). The other possibility is that you accidentally go past your reset value. For example, if your reset is at 100 and you fade from 20 to 200, you'll automatically pass reset, so your heads will begin resetting. These heads would be quite strange, but it's possible. If you really put that step in by hand, you'll have to remove it, just like Pipo said.
  4. PatrickK

    Frog Case

    Hi Jasper, On the other Dutch forum (you know what I mean) someone posted pictures of their new leap frog case some time ago. Apparently they still work. See this post. I never got around to asking where they ordered it, but maybe I should. I still need a case for my Fatfrog.
  5. Hi all, Just something minor this time: Noticed this a while ago, but never got around to reporting it. Used the desk again last weekend, and this time I thought I should mention it. When patching multiple addresses to the same desk channel, and using the keyboard for direct entry, all entries on the same line will change to whatever you're typing, until you press enter. How to replicate: Go to manual patch Assign a dmx address to a desk channel, using either +/- or direct keyboard entry. Then press <insert> to patch a second, (or third, etc.) dmx address to the same desk channel. Now use the keyboard to type in a dmx address. All entry's on the same line will now be affected, until you press enter. This doesn't affect the actual patch, it really just is a display glitch. Noticed this on 9.6 and last weekend also on 9.8. Phantom frog (9.8 ) behaves identical.
  6. Just remember to maintain a separation between both circuits. So use a 2xNO contact, not a 1xNO. Otherwise, you might be connecting some things that really shouldn't be connected.
  7. I've had no problems with it at all, but it could be a hint to some failure about to manifest itself (eg the fixture lcd letting out it's magic smoke). If it is a normal occurence on all the consoles, then I don't have a problem with it at all, although it is a bit strange it doesn't happen to the main lcd It's just something I noticed a while ago, so I thought I should mention it here.
  8. Finally got around to measuring voltages: Measured on floppy power connector: 5.08V and 12.10 V Measured on the two separate leads from the flatcable to the fixture lcd (pin 1 and 2): 3.758V, lead 1: negative, lead 2: positive. Connections to the desk: power and vga only. No desklight connected, no keyboard, no dmx etc. I'm seeing definite dips in fixture lcd brightness during: - desk powerup - floppy disk access These dips do not occur on the main lcd. When I'm in the floppy menu, using the up and down buttons also affects fixture lcd brightness, although not as much as accessing the floppydrive. This also appears in other menu's, when navigating the super-user menu for instance, the enter-button has the same effect on brightness. I'm under the impression this also doesn't happen on the main lcd, but it's quite hard to see. I was unable to measure any powerdips during these events, but that can be an equipment limitation (digital multimeter only). [offtopic:] what's with the speaker connector on the mainboard? And is this type of mainboard also used in the illusion desk, since there is a mouse-connector without a cutout in the chassis?
  9. Prove it Alllrighty then, The following link is a spoiler, if you want to find the solution by yourself, don't click on it. Solution
  10. PatrickK

    Turning On?

    Which is all very nice in the UK, but in mainland Europe we don't have switches on outlets. An inline powerswitch or one on the desk would have been nice. :wink:
  11. I've adjusted it in the setup, but brightness is a lot less for the fixture lcd compared to the main lcd. Lowered main b to 40, and raised fix lcd b to 70 and they're now close enough in brightness.
  12. Moderation: Split into separate topic. Just came up with another question: Is the backlight for the fixture display supposed to be a lot less bright than the one for the main display?
  13. Alright Keith, thanks already. 8) I'll check the board first thing tonight and let you know. Update: issue has been resolved. After examination of the fixture pcb it turned out that some excess solder made a short between both pins of the led. After cleanup all the leds are now functioning.
  14. Hold the F1 button during powerup. You can then use the channelflash buttons to select the different testpages. With the submaster-step button you can toggle all leds on/off
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