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  1. FCPA Techies

    Movers not crossfading on cues

    Hi Just started to plot a school show ready for tomorrow's opening night (Mon 6th July) and when we add movers into a couple of cues they won't crossfade properly, generics are operating normally. Movers are Martin Mac 250 Entour (extended). Here's whats happening: Q1 - one entour on Q2 - next entour on (previous out) Fade times both at 3.0 (up and down) When pressing go, the second cue loaded THEN the first cue faded out. That's how it physically looked. But on the outputs window it was apparently cross fading...! Using Leap Frog 48 with V7.8.0 Does anyone have any ideas what's happening please? Thanks fcpa
  2. FCPA Techies

    Updating Leap Frog 48

    Thank you for your reply. I'll have a go upgrading later. Thanks again fcpa
  3. FCPA Techies

    Updating Leap Frog 48

    Hi I haven't been using my frog for while and with that, I haven't kept up to date with software upgrades and I'm hoping to use it on Friday for a concert. The frog OS is 5.4 (bought Feb 2008) and I would like to upgrade it to the latest OS so do I need to do a gradual upgrade from 5.4 to 6.0 then 7.6 or can I go from 5.4 straight to 7.6? (I don't have the Zero88 branded USB as it stopped working months ago) Thank you Fcpa
  4. FCPA Techies

    Can't find a fixture name

    I know this might sound stupid but i can't find the following fixture on the desk EUROLITE LED PAR-56 UV when patching a new fixture. Am i just being blind or something!!! Please help as we need a UV effect for a production next week. Thanks in advance
  5. Hiya This might sound silly but is there a certificate at the end of the training on the Leap Frog 48? and how much is it for on site training? Thanks in advance FCPA Techies

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