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  1. I re-programmed all our light memories Wednesday, and I noticed that sometimes the DMX (Stagewash) fixtures fade properly, other times they appear to be instant-on, instant-off. Is it possible I've missed something in the recorded parameters? Other than that issue, we've found a driver that works (brightness and colour control), although we did have to initially swap a couple colors around. Can you possibly help me with another question as well? We're interested in "latching" i.e. taking control of a light value with the physical fader, such as dimming one lamp while running live. I found "Grab Mode" described in Release Notes 10.9 and I hoped it was what I was looking for... It didn't seem to work for me as described. Thanks again! John
  2. We have recently added several Chauvet Stagewash 1800's to our system. These are not on the fixture list, but we were able to tweak a driver and change the colors around to get them up and running. Unfortunately, they do not fade properly with the other lights in a particular queue, they just come on and go off (colors and brightness record and behave properly, just bad fades). Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

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